Critical Minerals

Developing domestic production of raw materials for lithium ion batteries

The U.S. needs unprecedented investment to develop domestic lithium supply

The race to electrify vehicle fleets has quickly outpaced global lithium supply, which comes almost entirely from China, Chile, and Australia. Haddington Ventures is at the forefront of deploying scalable technologies to extract lithium from unconventional domestic sources.

Demand for lithium is growing at twice the rate of production

U.S. Regulatory support via the Infrastructure Bill and Inflation Reduction Act provide strong incentives for domestic lithium production

Electric Vehicle (EV) supply chains are desperate to secure domestic sources of lithium for continued roll-out of fully electric vehicles

The price of lithium has quadrupled in the last year which reflects the increased demand and tight supply conditions

Featured Portfolio Company

Eureka Resources has a patented process to extract valuable mineral co-products including lithium from oil and gas wastewater streams. Unlike Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE), Eureka’s process generates freshwater which meets EPA secondary drinking water standards and can be returned to the hydrological cycle or to the customer for re-use in a closed loop.

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